A fiery twist on an old favourite
Give your classic martini a kick with muddled ginger and liquid cane sugar combined with DISARONNO and lemon juice. Warming and spicy, it's the perfect digestif.
  • 1¼ parts DISARONNO
  • ¾ part of Liquid sugar cane syrup
  • ¾ parts Lemon juice
  • 1 Small piece of ginger
Muddle the ginger and sugar in the mixing glass part of a Boston shaker until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the Disaronno and lemon juice and add an “on the rocks” glassful of cracked ice into the mixing glass and shake. Strain and return all the contents to the oldfashioned glass.
Taste: Bitter | Strength: Mild Top Tip:
To make your own syrup, fill a container ¾ full with sugar and top with cold water. Shake until clear. Done!