Disaronno Wears Etro Milano Launch Party



The limited edition DISARONNOwearsETRO bottle is creating buzz around the world! To celebrate this remarkable collaboration between DISARONNO & ETRO, a series of exciting parties are going to be held in major cities across the globe:
New York: 13th October
Milan: 20th October
London: 26th October
Tokyo: 9th November

What better way to celebrate the release of the limited edition DISARONNOwearsETRO than with an amazing party during the 2016 Milan Fashion Week?The wonderful “Carlo & Camilla in Segheria” in Milan was the perfect situation for the DISARONNO wears ETRO Italian launch party, where the limited edition bottle has been unveiled for the first time.A very special night, with cool people and some of the most influential people in fashion, design & entertainment that have so much fun dancing on the tunes of the beautiful Dj & model Marika. At the exclusive party in Milan many guests have celebrated the launch of the iconic bottle: Shea Marie, Caroline Vreeland, Mariano di Vaio, Veronica Ferraro, Chiara Biasi. During the night guests danced the night away, enjoyed delicious Disaronno wears Etro Sour cocktails and had their picture taken with the fashionable new bottle. Definitely a night that won’t soon be forgotten!Discover the unique atmosphere of the DisaronnoWearsEtro exclusive social dinner:

September 25th, 2016