19 April - Disaronno Day

With Disaronno® Day, on 19 April, we will celebrate our passion for Disaronno; a symbol of Italian style that has won over generations across the world. 

Today, Disaronno® is a company that strikes a perfect balance between its own centuries-old tradition and a future-oriented, innovative approach. 

Disaronno®, the liqueur with an original taste and unmistakable aroma, comes from a secret recipe kept by the Reina family, which has been handed down from generation to generation since 1525, and from the expertly balanced mix of carefully selected high-quality ingredients. 

It stands out for its great versatility: Disaronno® is the perfect liqueur for those who know exactly what they want, a specific choice of style, taste and quality without being over the top. 

Thanks to the extraordinary versatility of Disaronno®, there are many ways to celebrate DISARONNO DAY: 

Neat or on the rocks to enjoy the different nuances that contribute to the uniqueness of this amber-coloured liqueur, which captivates and intrigues people who never tire of it. 

It is perfect for simple cocktails, which can also be made at home, such as the super fresh Disaronno® Sour or the classic Godfather.

It is ideal for the most sought-after and innovative drinks with the event “The Longest Shift”, arising from “The Mixing Star” project and dedicated to the global bartender community. On 19 April, bartenders, bars and the public, from Auckland to Los Angeles, will celebrate the event at the same time (7.30 p.m.) with an exclusive custom drink list by Disaronno®. 

From 7.30 p.m. onwards, this event will be celebrated in every time zone in the world and in all the cities involved, namely, Shanghai, Moscow, Athens, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, London, Cape Town, New York and Montreal, with a full-on 24-hour bar shift.

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